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General Condition of Beijing ZeYuan Law Firm

Composed by lawyers with special skills and long term practice experiences, Oriented for the needs of expertise and globalization, Beijing ZeYuan Law Firm (hereinafter referred to as “ZeYuan”) is approved for its establishment by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Justice, in May 8th, 2004.

Located in Room 3038, Chengguo Hotel, Building 3, No.2 Minzuyuan Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing China, which is 500meters due south against the “Bird Nest” (the national stadium for Olympics), ZeYuan facilitates itself an office covering over 500 square meters, which is quiet, traffic convenient and guaranteed fast & efficient services to its clients. On one hand, ZeYuan is applying modern oooa law firm administration system to control its risks and expenditures, enhance its efficiency, connect with its allied law firms as well as advocate paperless processing. On the other hand, ZeYuan is also building up “Law on line” website ( to promote its alliances and itself as well as offer free law consultation on line for the general public, which is also a great contribution to “The building of the socialist legal system”.

The best operative mechanism and administrative mode are excised in ZeYuan, which is the power to attract and form a responsible, vagarious legal service team. Presently, ZeYuan is composed by Regular business department, Banking and investment department, administration department, and is co-working with its tightly allied law firms located in Hongkong, Shanghai, and Fuzhou. The ultimate goal of ZeYuan is to provide the clients both inland and overseas, the most efficient and effective legal services. In order to reach that goal, ZeYuan is advocating its ZeYuan spirit of Team work, honesty, Loyalty, Diligence, Expertise, which is the driven power accompany with ZeYuan during its course of pursuing a bright future.

Reliable Work Team

The Partners, lawyers, and lawyer assistants in ZeYuan all graduated from prestigious law schools of China, most of whom achieved master degree or above. Moreover, ZeYuan is sending lawyers to law schools and famous law firms overseas to study and practice, as well as inviting famous lawyers from overseas to have lessons in ZeYuan time by time, in order to refresh lawyers’ knowledge for the needs of internationalization.

The partners and elite lawyers in ZeYuan have accrued profound experiences while offering services both in litigation and non-litigation business. The well understanding of business and legal environment in China, close relationship with judiciary and government, sensitiveness of legislature and policy variation, facilitate ZeYuan to provide clients effective solutions for their problems.

On one hand, ZeYuan is oriented to enhance its lawyers’ abilities in law, finance, taxation, accounting, M&A, on the other hand, ZeYuan is co-operating with professional institutes such as Law firms, designing firms, accounting firms, audit firms, assets evaluation institute, security institute both inland and overseas, which enable ZeYuan to provide more feasible and Authoritative legal suggestions for its clients.

Satisfactory Service Mode

The effectiveness is the key point that ZeYuan pays attention to, which makes ZeYuan put the client’s demands and expectations in the first place when it is entrusted. Based on that, ZeYuan will jointly sketch a service plan and charge mode with client. Usually, ZeYuan will assign a partner to form a service team according to client’s goal, to integrate its best resource to work for that goal.

ZeYuan has built up website in both English and Chinese version, through which providing extra services such as on line consultation, new laws notice, contract implementation notice, e-files administration. Wherever the client runs its business, ZeYuan will provide express service through internet.

ZeYuan will provide training courses closely relevant to client’s business. ZeYuan is tapping new business and expertise field, so as to fulfill client’s growing demands.

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